Colorado Studios Builds State of The Art Mobile Units For Live Television


We Are Integration & Innovation

Colorado Studios operates a new, modern 35,000 sq.ft. facility for the building and integration of major mobile television units. With a full time staff of engineers, designers, wiring crew, metal & wood fabricators, and systems developers. The company is a pre-eminent manufacturer of trailers for national and regional network productions.

As one of the largest clients of the world’s leading broadcast manufacturers, Colorado Studios engages in on-going dialogues with the top engineers in the field.   We have advanced knowledge of all new products and developments. This enables us to provide customers with expert guidance on equipment and systems decisions. We also benefit from the best pricing on new equipment.



We Start From Scratch

The build process begins with an extensive review of the clients’ requirements, followed by multiple exchanges of layout drawings and equipment lists. Final drawings and complete wiring plans are submitted for approval before the trailer chassis shell is ordered and the wiring harnesses are built. Once the empty trailer shell arrives at our facility, the racks, counters, walls & floors, and other interior finishes are installed. Clients are invited to review the layout on-site.   Then the wiring harnesses and equipment are installed and connectivity is thoroughly tested. All major equipment gets commissioned (including software loading) by staff engineers as well as manufacturers’ representatives. Our systems expert ensures proper operation through at least two weeks of testing. Before delivery, the trailer goes out on a four hour drive followed by complete re-testing of connectivity and operation.



Built To Last

Our goal is 100% perfection in the quality of workmanship in our trailers. We expect the mobile units to achieve a ten year lifespan and to deliver consistent performance on upwards of 2000 events.   Although individual equipment failures are impossible to avoid, we build the mobile units with redundancy and reliability such that clients can reasonably expect them to deliver 100% on-air performance. The units carry spare parts and back-up systems on all the major systems.

Just as important as reliability is advanced technology. Prior to building each mobile unit, our staff works with clients to identify the latest equipment and systems such that the trailers are truly state-of-the-art and incorporate the most recent innovations. That way, they are most likely to avoid early obsolescence.


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